• 25Jan

    healthyReduce foods high in saturated fat.
    Saturated fats are easily transformed into “bad cholesterol” that the risk of coronary heart disease. You must observe. Leather poultry, red meat / stumbling-brisket and whole milk contain a lot of saturated fat. Expand eat seafood rich in omega-3 and veggies / fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins. Choose low-fat milk.

    Reduce the portion of salt.
    If you have high blood pressure, be aware of foods containing high salt and MSG. Replace snacks like nuts onions, chips, salted dried bread with low-salt snacks.

    Take every opportunity to exercise.
    Choose stairs than take the elevator. Parking your car further away so you can walk longer. Do most commonly submitted homework helpers, such as mopping the floor or washing vehicles. A time afternoon stroll (“JJS”) with the family.

    Control your weight.
    Keep your weight to avoid obesity. If you are currently overweight, follow a program that can gradually lose weight. Obesity makes you more susceptible to many diseases.

    Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    Perform periodic health checks for blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your blood. Hypertension is often present without realizing it, so it is often called the “silent killer”.

    Reduce stress.
    Stress increases the risk of heart attack. Take time to relax, increase along with others that makes you happy and forget for a moment the burden of life. Break taste.

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