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    Types Cleanser Makeup Under Skin Type

    Types Cleanser Makeup Under Skin Type

    Spending time all night or come home from work, often removing make-up to be a very burdensome. You apparently can not underestimate this one ritual. Never miss remove makeup before going to bed every day. During sleep, our skin naturally remove toxins from the body through the pores. Can you imagine if they wear make up during sleep, the pores are closed and inhibit spending toxins from the body.

    That way, it would be easy for pimples, blackheads and other skin problems to arise. Negligent in removing make-up can also cause skin to become dry and irritated. Additionally during sleep, the skin regenerates three times faster. So, if you do not remove makeup before bed, you will hinder the process of skin regeneration. In addition it is also important to know what kind of makeup cleanser that fits your skin. Different formulas, the results also vary. Choose a make-up remover:

    1. Oil or Gel-Based
    Can clean both waterproof makeup or not. Usually these cleaners designed to remove eye makeup and lips, but can also be used to remove makeup all over your face. Use this cleanser type by pressing soft cotton that has been given a cleaner for two or three seconds. Once lifted, cleaned by rubbing cotton, do not rub.

    2. Cleansing Milk
    Milk cleanser is suitable for dry skin types. You should apply it directly on the face evenly, give a gentle massage and then wipe with a cotton rubbing up makeup lifted. Do not forget to wipe the toner afterwards.

    3. Tisue Cleaners
    Cleaners make up is very helpful when you are very tired and lazy to clean up lingering makeup. You can directly apply the form of tissue or cotton wipes across the face. But it should not tisue cleanser for everyday use because they feared pembersihnya less maximum power. Use while traveling, or when the body is too tired.

    4. Foaming Cleansers
    Make up remover is shaped kind of like a regular face wash soap. However, it is actually very useful for those who are lazy to rinse after cleaning the back face with makeup remover oil or gel type. You do this by pouring liquid soap, give a gentle massage, wet until frothy and then rinse with water.

    5. Natural Ingredients
    If you forgot to buy make-up remover when you have to clean the make up in the middle of the night, can use baby oil or olive oil to clean your makeup. Rub baby oil or olive oil on the face, especially the eyes and lips. Do this until your makeup wiped out. Do not forget to rinse the face with a face wash that does not leave the rest of the make-up that can cause acne.

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