• 05Jun
    Wise Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake

    If consumed in excess, sugar can harm your health. It’s good from now on reducing sugar intake. Excessive sugar consumption can increase blood sugar levels which in turn can increase the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. When used to eating the sweet, certainly not easy to reduce sugar intake. Here’s how wisely you need to do to reduce the intake of sugar:

    1. Reduce Sugar Slowly
    Cut sugar intake can not be done immediately. For that, just do it slowly. The trick reducing sugar intake is by reducing the amount of food that contains sugar. For example, if every day you eat two chocolate bars, then the number could be reduced to only one rod.

    2. Avoid sugary drinks
    Avoid sugary drinks, including fruit juice in it is. Avoid added sugar in beverages. Keep in mind, the sugar in liquid form is more dangerous because it went straight to the blood stream.

    3. Reduce Biscuits and sweets
    Sugar may be present in your life through biscuits and sweets. Consumption of too much food is of course harm the body. Therefore avoid sugary foods like that from your diet list.

    4. Containing Food Preservatives
    Sweet foods that contain preservatives like jam and jelly is very rich in sugar. So as not to harm the body, most do not eat peanut butter and jelly.

    5. Avoid yogurt with Taste
    Yogurt with really good taste. Fruit flavor makes yogurt contains more fresh when consumed. But yogurt with flavorings can increase blood sugar levels. It’s better to avoid yogurt with flavorings, and instead choose skim yogurt with no flavor.

    6. Additional Without Sugar Fruit Juice
    Fruits and fruit juices contain natural sugars. But there are still more people who added sugar in fruit juice that tastes better. To stay healthy, you should still let your natural fruit juices without added sugar.

    7. Eating Dried Fruit
    You can control the desire to eat sweet foods with added dried fruit healthy. For example, dates, apricots, or almond.

    8. Avoid Ice Cream
    Many people who enjoy an ice cream after a big meal. It feels really good, but the ice cream is rich in artificial sweeteners that increase blood sugar levels. Keep in mind also, artificial sweeteners can trigger bad breath and dental problems.

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